Cochin with deformed skull


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May 27, 2017
We hatched cochins about 2 and a half weeks ago. At about two days old I noticed one holds his head weirdly and the back of his head looks a bit to large. It is hard like the rest of his skull. It is a lot more noticeable now, and it seems almost see-through when he stands under a light. He is as active as all the others, even a little bit more aggressive than the rest. Any idea what could have caused it or whether it will get worse?
(That is strawberry in the background, not blood.)
Certain breeds can have domed skulls, mainly crested breeds. I can't really see what you are seeing by your pictures, but I think it probably either has a deformity, or is it possibly a mix with something like a silkie? Not much you can do, but see how it develops.
That would be my guess as well. Mixed breed - part Silkie, if you happen to have any running around.

I grabbed the wrong blue egg several months back and ended up with a Cream Legbar/EE barnyard mix. It wasn't intentional, but she's a keeper.
We have hatched silkies before and we hatched a batch of polish at about the same time as these cochins. Also, I got them from a breeder that I believe only haze cochins. Can't really tell from the pictures, but it definitely looks more like a deformity. It almost looks like it is to wide in the back and to narrow in the front.
You will have to see if it survives and thrives, often those with head or brain injuries don't last long, but I never count anyone out until they stop kicking.

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