Cochin With Sour Crop

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    I have a 2 year old cochin who has a very bad case of sour crop and I don't know what else to do! I've done everything I can think of:

    Massaging the crop (a little bit comes out but not much)
    Exclude her
    Give her soft foods (yogurt with cinnamon and a few drops of oregano oil)
    Give her antibiotics (I was running out of options!)

    What else can I do? She's been like this for a couple weeks now. Help please TIA
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    The best article/methods of treatment for crop issues I have found is by @TwoCrows I recommend you read the whole article. If you have a vet test a sample of fresh poop, that would be a good idea as well. Sour crop is sometimes a symptom of underlying conditions like Cocci, worms and possibly laying/reproductive disorders in hens.

    Keep her separated and see that she is drinking plenty of water, I recommend that she also have some grit available free choice. Offer wet poultry feed only - a little hard boiled egg as a treat. You will need to treat the fungus/yeast in the crop. You can consult your vet for an anti-fungal/yeast med like Nystatin or if you wish use an OTC product that contains Clotrimazole (Monitstat/vaginal cream).

    Keep us posted.

    TwoCrows article:

    Thread on using Monistat:
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