cochins have poo stuck around bottoms

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  1. shan04

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    Mar 23, 2014
    I have 15 full size cochins and they all are healthy as far as i know, i noticed a few weeks ago that a few of my hens had poop bottoms which is common for them on occasions but usually cleans up on its own shortly, but after checking almost all have it now. I know i should give them bathes to clean them but its 40 degrees here and bringing all 15 in just won't happen could anyone tell me could this be happening to them due to a sickness or maybe worms. Just find it odd not one had it then suddenly they all did even my 2 roos. Maybe the cold is making it freeze to them verses dropping on the ground?... They all are eating drinking and acting just fine.
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    Maybe someone else can tell you if there is a cause. I don't really know of one if they are all acting healthy. I know my cochin girls have more issues this time of year because it does freeze. You can spot clean or trim feathers if you need to. I hate trimming feathers but it keeps it from happening again. My girls can also find a spot in the eaves where they are actually sitting not on a roost so the poop doesn't drop but sticks.
  3. shan04

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    Mar 23, 2014
    I kinda thought maybe it's just cause it's cold out, but didn't think about the sitting on something verses on a roost. For some reason they don't really like their roost but would all rather sit on top of the hen boxes and its a slightly sloped top i bet between the cold and that, that's why.
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    Use scissors to trim fluff and feathers back. No more poop sticking on their rear ends.

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