Cockerel Attacking Me


Sep 14, 2020
I have a cockerel that is about 10 months old who is aggressive toward me. He usually acts this way only in the morning, but sometimes later. Before this he didn't show any sign of aggression to me. He jumps out of the coop, and charges at me. (Then he hardly pecks me) Is this just hormones? Can I do anything to stop this behavior?
Is he a pet? If he is then this way won't work but every time he gets close to you grab his legs and flip him over. It has worked for me for years:cool:
Aggressive cockerels turn into aggressive roosters. In my experience, there is nothing that can be done. We tried the flip over technique, the holding down technique, separation.... once they view you as a threat to their girls it will never really change. Even if they were cuddly and sweet at one time, once those hormones kick in they forget about you and just want to mate and protect their hens. A good rooster gets out of the way when you approach and minds his own business.
I would cull him while his meat is still young and tender.
I'd say cull him. Save yourself and your flock the heartache. There are a lot of wonderful sweet roosters out there that people have to get rid of because they can't have in their areas or they have too many. If you don't have other roosters, look online for someone giving them away.

I had a very aggressive bantam rooster once. He would fly into the trees and then do surprise aerial attacks. He went for the eyes. I tried everything suggested online to curb his behavior, nothing worked. One of my neighbors said she would take him, but like a week later she had to give him away because he was attacking her too. I wouldn't recommend giving an aggressive rooster to someone else, except for eating. Also, I've heard you shouldn't let aggressive roosters procreate, since a lot of that behavior is genetic.

My next aggressive rooster attacked me once or twice out of nowhere but compared to the bantam he was not that scary. Still, people were afraid to come over because of his behavior. One day my mother came over and he attacked her foot so badly that she had to go to the doctor. After that I did my first (and to this day only) rooster kill. Out of around ten roosters I've ever had, it was only these two who were problems. With both of them, I wish I had acted sooner. My flocks were noticeably relieved and happier without them.
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I've also tried all the 'retraining' techniques out there, and none every really fixed the problems. Idiots who attack the giants who bring food need to be invited to dinner! If not your kitchen, some other family will be happy to have a nice chicken meal.
It's really hard to find homes for the good guys, never mind the jerks. I've got three nice bantam boys that need homes right now, for example.

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