Cockerel or Pullet?


8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
The Carolinas
This chicken came from an egg I hatched for my neighbor, but he never came to get him/her.
I don't remember the exact hatch day, but it was sometime this Summer.

I'm not familiar with this type of comb, so I have no idea on the sex.
I actually want a LF rooster to keep with my laying hens, so if it's a boy, I can still keep him.
Of course, a girl would be fine too.


Thank you! I've been thinking roo for awhile, but last time I asked, many were still thinking pullet.
In the past few days, he's been looking more and more like a roo, to me, so glad I asked.
He looks like an immature golden laced wyandotte roo. Probably hatchery born since he has poor lacing.
He's a gold laced wyandotte, or at least mostly. His lacing isn't the greatest but may clean up some as he matures. Doesn't really matter to you, anyway, as long as he respects you and is good to your hens.

That comb is called a rose comb, fyi. They get larger but never as upright as a straight comb.

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