Cockerel or Pullet


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Jun 10, 2014
I've got new pictures so let me know what you think now. I finally climbed in the coop and held them and took these pictures. I think the larger is 4 months old now and the other is a couple weeks younger.

This is the 4 month old:

This is a picture of it's hackle feathers

It's tail feathers some of them are pointy.

This is some of the saddle feathers pulled to the side.

This is it's frustration after I let it go. It did not like getting held down.

Now these are pictures of the younger one.

Tail feathers

hackle feathers

hackle feathers again

saddle feathers

tail again

I've read sometimes the comb and wattle can give a false identification and they went by feathers so I put these up. I still feel the larger one is a male, cause I see sharp or pointed feathers on it. If I still hear it is a pullet I will just have to wait till I get an egg or I hear it crow. I try to get it to crow by crowing myself when I'm out in the yard. They either come running out to look or just stay still. Man this is keeping me awake at night wanting to know so bad.
I've read cockerels and roos tail curl down and the pullets and hens tail feathers are more straight and fuller.
Most thought pullet last time. I hope more comment. They thought the combs were too small. The younger bird is ferocious. It's the only one to come take a bug from my hand. The way it looks at me is a little freaky.
Both of them look like males to me, based on the pointy saddle feathers.

X 2 -- it's especially clear on the second bird, --- do you have a better/closer photo of the first bird that shows the bird in a natural, standing position from the side - I tried blowing up the one of him above, but it's at such a distance it doesn't really blow up very well for detail.

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