Cockerel w/empty crop,lethargic,off balance - HELP PLEASE! AHHHHH!!!!!

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    I have a cockerel who is hanging in there, but I just don't know what to do any more. He has no other symptoms other than being off balance, his crop is empty all the time, and he breathes out of his mouth sometimes. When I hand feed him, every now and then I'll feel his crop empty, and a puff of air will come out of his mouth (nose if his mouth is closed). At first I thought he had gotten too cold (all started when we had our first cold nights), but he has been in the basement nice and warm for the last month or so - no real improvement or decline. He is eating/drinking on his own, and his poop is perfectly normal. I'm sure his lethargy is partly due to the fact that he is so skinny, but like I stated, I can sit there and feed him, feel his crop filling up, then he'll "burp" out air, and it's like I didn't give him anything. Right now he's getting his normal purina grower, water, vitamins (1-2 drops on the beak/day), and yogurt. He is nice and cozy in our basement separated from the rest of the gang. I'm just pulling my hair out at this point... I don't want him to be suffering, but he doesn't seem to be in pain, so I hate to give up on him. All of my other chickies are fine - no anything wrong. ANY ADVICE/IDEAS would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!!
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    you say he IS eating and drinking on his own?
    does he seem to WANT to eat?

    does he have this "puff of air" only when you're holding him to handfeed?
    does it have a sour smell?
    are you sure he isn't wheezing?are his nostrils clear?

    does he get good sunlight in the basement?

    the off balance could be from lack of food or certain nutrients..
    could any others have been bullying him away from food?..

    describe his droppings in detail..color and consistency..

    has he been wormed? if so when? and what was used?

    can the bird see?

    up the Poly-vi-sol to 3 drops once day for 4-5 days then taper off for a week.
    also give vitamin E from capsule.
    is the Poly-vi-sol you're using the no iron formula?

    do a thorough check of the crop..feel for any lump, grainy feeling, or doughy mass or sour smell..
    sometimes sour crop doesn't act the same as impacted crop..

    use a small flashlight and check his mouth and throat for any whitish or yellowish sores or plaque.

    make up this mixture..
    1 cooked egg yolk
    2 tablespoons of plain yogurt..(active culture)
    3-4 tablespoons of regular or quick, or baby oatmeal
    drizzle of honey or a little very finely grated apple, or unsweetened applesauce, or even frozen and thawed blueberries, or chopped tomatoes..
    make puffy..add usual feed if needed.
    handfeed if necessary by rolling into pellets.

    this amount is for 1 day..divide into 3 feeds for the day..give for 5 days..
    also have regular feed and water available.
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    He is eating on his own. His droppings are solid dark greenish with the white area. I am sure he is puffing out air even if I'm not holding him because his crop is pretty much non-existent. The air smells a little bit, but it's not a "knock you over" kind of smell. He can see - eyes are clear - he also looks up at me when I go down to him. His nostrils are completely clear. I have heard him sneeze a few times, but nothing ever comes out, and again his nose is completely clear. I have him in the basement with the lights on and a heat lamp in case he wants to use it. He is absolutely not wheezing at all. I've put him directly against my ear and have listened multiple times. I use ACV in their water - 1 tblsp / gallon all organic and non filtered. Do they get any type of lung worm, or other type of parasite, that I should use a specific wormer for?
    Thank you for all the info so far - very informative!
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    How old is this bird? If his crop is consistently empty, he is not eating much or at all. Urates will happen in the feces even if they are not eating- this is part of the kidney waste. Dark green material is NOT normal feces, it is bile- which means he is not eating very much. Skinny also means he is not eating enough, or digesting it. Your options IMO are increase your supportive care by ALOT- mixing up tasty mashes with high protein good quality food, scrambled egg, ect- if he is not filling his crop up and producing more normal tannish feces- you need to syringe feed him 4-5 x a day or tube feed him. Deworm him (wazine/piperazine is for roundworms) or have a vet check a stool sample for worms , check him for lice- treat if you find them treat him. Vitamins are fine, but are only helpful if the original problem was a deficiency- or if he is deficient now from not eating.

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