Cockerel with long spurs

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Nov 24, 2015
My light sussex boy's spurs are starting to get rather long and almost to the point where they'll cause him issues walking, what can I do to help him out? Would it require a trip to the vets?
Spurs are easy. Lay your boy on his side or hold him, grip his spur with a pair of pliers, up close to the leg as you can. Twist back and forth gently. You will feel it pop when it's loose. It will pop right off. May or not bleed a little. You can put some blood stop or cornstarch/flour, etc, on it. Will be tender until it dries. Hope this helps.
Oh I'm sorry. Perhaps I should have explained better. The whole spur doesn't come off. Just the long outer covering layer. There is still a spur. I have just tried trimming some of mine, but it seems to bother them more then twisting off the long part. And a lot of them came off while cutting them anyway when the roo would pull his leg away. And the spur is like trimming dog toenails, you need to be careful to not cut into the quick. Good luck.
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