Cockerels Unhappy about being seperated

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by kimslack, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. kimslack

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    I have 5 five month old cockerels that I seperated this weekend from the pullets they were raised with. The pullets are orienting to the coop and the older hens. I kept one of the cockerels to be the lord of the coop. The other 5 I put in a temporary pen in the barn. I have an entryway that goes outside and I have a small fence out there so they can go out and get some sun. But despite the pen, the run, the roosts and the protein rich grain they are getting, they seem very unhappy. They are not eating much, don't crow anymore, don't go outside....they don't seem themselves.

    I am hoping to keep them for about 30 days more so they grow a bit bigger before processing them for the freezer. They can hear the other hens and pullets in the main coop and they can see them from the run. Am I being cruel? Should I just process them now?
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    Nope, you're not being cruel. You have changed their flock dynamics and moved them, so they need to sort things out. Figure out their new pecking order and get used to their new accommodations. They'll adjust in a few days.
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    You're not being cruel. They're just adjusting to a change. continue with your plan.
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    Do I understand correctly that you put the pullets in a new pen with the older hens and also put the roos into a new pen by themselves? If so, you should have left the roos in the pen they were used to after you removed the pullets.
    There's nothing cruel about changing pens, but you want to grow your birds the next 30 days, not stress them into not eating and losing weight.
  5. kimslack

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    Oct 13, 2009
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    They were all in a chicken tractor and it getting too cold for them now.. Its warmer in the barn. the temporary pen they are in is full of straw and snug enough for November. I'll just keep a close eye on them.. Maybe get them some cracked corn or treats to encourage them to eat.

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