cocky roo

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8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
I was really liking how everyone has been getting on so well in my little chicken family...
I have 8 7 hens,,,and getting about 4 eggs a all is good...
or not...
my little silver speckled hamburg..rooster .is really starting to stand up to us...
maybe it started over christmas when my son came for a visit, and It became pecky with him...
of course...we have been instilling we are boss...
but is there a way to get it back to it's previous sweet self..
You could try treats, but then I personally think that his behaviour is "code" for him, protect the flock. Therefor asserting dominance over him and training him in regard to your familyis the only way. Now that his spot in the flock has been acknowledged meaning he knows his rooster duties I think your "sweet roo" is gone. Sorry. But in sweet roo's place is a great protector of your egg layers.

Work with him now, I don't hold hope that every rooster can assimilate into your family and protect his flock, but some can. We got rid of a few cockerals that couldn't be trusted around our small children, but if my children were older I think we would have tried a different approach. Good thing is there are more male birds with every hatch, so many other opportunities exist if he gets out of control. Be careful and reasonable, his behavior is not personal, it roosterish and all he knows. Good luck.

Edited to add there are tons of threads on taming the roo here, be prepared some say to love on them, others to kill them, so do some searches and see if you can put together a plan that works for you. Again, good luck.
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Now that he is old enough to be a rooster he's not worried about being a pet. He's worried about his girls and wants to take care of the business of fertilizing eggs.

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