Cocoa still not thriving :(


8 Years
May 6, 2011
So Cocoa my chocolate EE chickie is at this moment on my chest on a heating pad.... She had a bit of pasty butt this morning and I took a damp towel and gently wiped her clean much to her protest. She doesn't seem to be growing as fast as the other chicks so she's getting some extra yogurt and lovies from Momma hen. I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with her she's the only one I've named so far out of our first batch of chicks. And she looks like she will have beautiful color when she grows her feathers out too. And even though I'm supposed to be keeping these girls for eggs I don't think I'd care if she ever laid or not I'd still keep her. She loves being picked up and held even my DS can hold her and she just adores the attention.




Just to note the rag isn't pink from blood that is from cleaning up a paint accident from my son around Christmas and it stained.
I use it as a rabbit/chicken rag now since I won't have to worry about it getting stained.

Going to get her some poly vi sol as soon as I get paid though I want to give her the best chance she can get to thrive she sure has won our hearts over.
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Have the poly vi sol which she didn't like I've been giving her yogurt in the evenings and she spends at least an hour or so a day in my lap with a heating pad. She doesn't seem to really want the yogurt or the vitamins and when I hand feed the girls every morning she is right in the middle of the pile getting food.
Her feathers seem to be coming in a little slower too but she does have wing feathers started. I'm hoping she perks up soon we might try some hard boiled egg tonight with her and see if that helps at all. Anyone know if maybe adding meat based baby food would help? Like the stage one foods with only meat and water no spices and mix it up with water to thin it out for her to eat maybe?
How any days old is she, and did you hatch her or buy them?
Cause many breeds and genders can feather and grow slower. I had one that was soooooo much slower than all the others that I was worried, but they are now 5 weeks and doing fine

I would not do the baby meat at this point. Make her 1 scrambled egg and mash it up really really well, and mix in a table spoon of buttermilk and a drop or 2 of vitamins.
If you feel she is not doing to well, put her in another cage and watch her for a day or 2 and make sure she is eating and drinking well.

Is her poop looking ok?? does she eat well, and is she active?

If she wont eat the mixture, make sure to put the vitamins in her water.
always keep food and water out for them 24/7 and feed her the egg mixture once a day for 1 week

hope she feels better
I got her with 11 other pullets on the 26th as day olds so she is 6 days now. She (assuming she is a pullet out of a pullet order) is an EE out of 6 EE and 6 NHR pullets that I ordered (sold as Americaunas but pretty sure they are EE). She does eat and drink but whenever I look in on them it seems she's always laying around I have been resorting to hand feeding her several times a day. She did have some pasty butt the second day which I cleaned up and has since cleared up she seems to be pooping just fine when I have her out (keeping a washcloth on the heating pad as she goes several times while I have her separated). She will run with the others toward food or away from the face of the leering cat when he sneaks by, but doesn't seem injured in any way just sleepy all the time. And since the heating pad can get a bit warm she peeps to me to turn it off or on to help her regulate her temp other than that she just seems to want to sleep.
I would still follow what I wrote up above and go git poly v sol infant vitamin drops from the store and run a little bit along her beak line to get her to take does not taste the best, so have some yummy yogurt or the egg mixture to chase it down. Give it to her for a few days and i bet she will perk right up !
I grabbed vitamins this morning and she was shaking her head about them I made double sure it was the poly vi sol without iron (I was lucky they had one bottle left). We will be trying the scrambled egg tonight giving a little to her and see how she likes it.
I'll make sure to post and keep updated thank you so much for the help.
I am having the same problem. Chocolate EE isn't thriving, but he doesn't want to flap his wings
. I just gave him some poly vi sol.
Oh wow that is weird this little girl is the only chocolate one out of the bunch there were 3 dark reg marked EEs and 2 light marked EEs and then her she doesn't have the dark striping around the darker strip on her back. You didn't get them in from Ideal BTW did you?
sometimes if you order from a hatchery they will throw in a "mystery" chick and it usually is a rare breed....

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Nope, my hen hatched him out. Looks exactly the same though, but more "puffy". He looks like a little owlette when he's all puffed up. He literally can't flap his wings...weird?!

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