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Dec 29, 2015
Mossyrock, WA
My duck is scrub buddie morning everyone no real ducks here sorry Not really..
Thank you Sour George really need the coffee .. There is dog fight between brothers that roof houses the one brother did the call on us then took it to his company 2nd time he said he will come out to pick the color on roofing
if he isnt here today I will go to the others whick is closer to us


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Mar 14, 2010
Corrales, NM
Have had a pretty full day thus far. Irrigation techs came out (3 hours early even...hadn't had my first cup yet) as we've got "ghosts in the machine" with some sprinkler stations not working and others going on when other stations are flowing. Yes, the valves need to be replaced. No, they don't make them anymore. Yes, they have to be special ordered. No, it's not going to be inexpensive. Yes, they should all be replaced. I think the Universe has punched a hole in my wallet as yesterday we sprung for a new air-conditioning unit. They'll get me a quote, but at least they did fix a busted sprinkler head and underground pipe while here.

The ramp from the chicken coop to the run lost a 3" hook and so it was all catterwonky. The chickens had quite the precarious balancing act to get from Point A to Point B and, admittedly and hilariously, some would fall off as the ramp pitched when too many birds were on it. Well, on my second trip out into the coop this morning, there was the hook plain as day in the opposite end of the run. Kind of like one of those "what is lost will be found" horoscope-y moments. Ramp is now repaired without the added expense of ordering 12 from Amazon or trekking to TSC. Chickens will resume their usual pell-mell race into the run when the coop door opens.

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