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Jul 2, 2019
Smith County TN
Oh ok. I think I have one of his cookbooks. Thanks!

It's the seasoned America book so if you have that one your good to go, but it's probably in all his books 🤔

He uses this book a lot during the holidays and cold weather, he has his favorite pages marked so we don't have to hunt for them every year.
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Mar 14, 2010
Corrales, NM
Storm hit and dumped a lot of snow, about a foot. Outside chickens have covered run with the heated waterer at the end of it, but some of the fluffy white stuff drifted in. Had to snow blow (with a leaf blower) their ramp clean and a path into the run. Wonky birds. The hens are enjoying a nice bowl of fridge leftovers and Stew the Roo is crowing away like he made the sun come out and the food appear.

Me? Back in the house for some nice warm veggie soup.

Here's a pic of our sweet ex-racer Selene contemplating her first time in the snow yesterday afternoon. It's okay... A few minutes later she was romping, running and having a blast in it.

20201026_160955_2 (2).jpg

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