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Dec 29, 2015
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I’m on my way to the baking thread to gloat, but since this opened first I’ll do a warm up gloat! Isn’t perfect but it’s the prettiest loaf I’ve ever baked! I’ll make sure you all get a piece if you’d like! View attachment 2501595

Looks beautiful great job !

It’s called Champlain Bread @ronott1 ’s recipe. It’s actually his modified one. I got a little set for Christmas that included a bakers lame, which is essentially a razor blade on a stick! :gig

Have my own Welcome to bakers indulgance


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Jun 22, 2015
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Good morning all. This morning and all of yesterday, arthritis had/has me by the neck. Meds help, but put me to sleep, so I have slept a good long while in the last 24 hrs. Feeling better. The temp has risen to the low 60's- feels almost balmy outside (I had to go get more feed for the dogs from the container on the patio). Yesterday, I cleaned and did a water exchange on the aquarium in the office and scoured and cleaned the bathroom. Today I guess I will concentrate on the kitchen and living room/ dining room. Small steps forward, I guess.
Starting a keto diet today:confused:. Gonna miss bread, white flour and sugar.

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