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    I had a hen hatched 11 chicks today all was going great. Momma moved from the brooding box to the ground and all chicks followed but tonight she went back into the box and 5 of them didn't follow leading them to become cold and pretty lifeless they all have eyes closed. I put the 1 back under mom that seemed the most alert and brought the other 4 inside have them under heat lamp and heat under them. Is there anything else I should do? I know it will take some time to warm them up I have heard a few peeps. I'm also worried about the 1 I put under mom if I should have brought it in now. I know she's sitting on them now and is a good mom (raised some for me before) just don't want to lose any if I can help it. Thanks for the help.
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    Be careful with the heat lamp---don't want them to get to hot. I always use a older heat pad---that stays on till I cut it off if I need to warm something. Yes you will have to go out a roosting time for several days maybe a week or more and put the chicks with mother or fix it where she stays on the ground, This is one of the many reasons I move all my broody hens to hatching pens---low to the ground. If they start acting alright---go put them back under her tonight. Good Luck
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    I've put cold chicks nearly dead in an incubator running at 100 degrees and they've perked right up
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