cold slow roo in the am.

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    Jun 23, 2009
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    I live in Southwest Michigan where the nights are starting to get cooler. Most of my flock is halfway through molting. I have one rooster who has most of the feathers missing on one half of his breast. One day last week I came out to the coop and found him laying on the ground cold shivering and non responsive. I scooped him up brought him inside warm him up and after a couple days he was back to normal.I put him back out into the coop where he was fine eating drinking doing chicken things.this morning when I went back out he was again slow staggering around and very very cold and shivering. Brought him in the house and by the lunch he was eating acting fine.

    could it be that because he's missing others from his breast he could get so cold in the coop? its only down to 35 that night. he is the lowest chicken the pecking order and often sleePs by himself on a lower rung. everyone else seems to be doing fine some with even less brother send him.

    I welcome any ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance everybody

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    you could put a heat lamp in the coop so if he gets cold he can go underneath it and stay warm you dont want him freezing to death if it gets colder than that

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