Cold Temps chickens need heat?


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May 29, 2011
Hi all. Just a quick question about chickens and the outside temperature. Chickens are about 9 months old and tonight it's going to go down to the mid-30's. Do i need to put a heat lamp in the coop or will chickens be ok without. I live in Orlando, FL area so we normally don't have too many days that it gets to freezing or below but i wanted to check.

Thanks in advance.

Mine would be happy with those temps
Going down to 11 above or so here and in the low teens for a high tomorrow. Single digits tomorrow night. I woulnd't worry.
Glad to hear this. We are in the Jacksonville FL area and are expecting temps in the 20's the next 3 nights. Dh put up a windblock on the side of the coop so we are hoping that will be enough.

June heat........just give them plenty of water and feed.....and keep them draft free and dry!!!
Mid-30s is nothing to chickens. Many people keep them in places where it is below 0 for days at a time with no heat. Chickens are not a fragile tropical bird. They are wearing a down coat, after all!
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As the others said, they don't need any added heat, and make sure you don't seal them up in the coop, to 'Keep them warm'. They still need plenty of fresh air/ventilation through the winter months.

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