Cold Weather Chickens


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Nov 28, 2015
Just wondering how the winter weather is treating everyone and how your flock is handling it,production,etc... I have a flock of 11 mixed breeds. It's been a mild winter(-7 to -15 ish lows) up until Christmas Eve. Went to -30 and -25 a couple nights and now back to -10 to -18 lows this week. I have one brooder bulb going all the time but most days that are under - 10 I've been letting them outdoors for a while .. My new pullets are laying very well and older birds are done molting and starting to lay again. Getting 6 or 7 a day so I'm happy with that. Keep warm my fellow feathered friends!
We've had colder weather (-12 to -19 highs)since Christmas and the girls are still laying beautifully. Way to go girls

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