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    Ok I have read so much on collecting and storing eggs my mind is boggled. We are new to having chickens and our main reason for getting them was fresh safe eggs, our chickens weren't supposed to start laying till October so I thought we had time to figure this out but not the case, I have been getting a few each day which is fabulous but now I am frantic. My husband has been putting them straight in the fridge from the coop, I have read that this is not a good idea because the cold temp could cause the eggs to pull bacteria into the egg through the shell. I want to keep them on the counter unwashed until we use them, which I have read is the best idea. So I guess my main question right now is, are the eggs we have in the fridge, that were put in right after we collected them from the coop, safe to eat?

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    Yes, they'll be fine. Eggs are covered by a protective "bloom" on the shell that helps keep bacteria out, so unwashed eggs can stay quite edible for awhile, in or out of the fridge. I wouldn't poopy eggs in the fridge with other foodstuffs though... It may be better to either wash them, if they are dirty, before putting them in the fridge, or leave them on the counter until used.

    Here's a bit more reading on the topic:

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