Collecting feathers


10 Years
Aug 31, 2009
Does anyone have any cool feathers they would mind sending me? Ducks, chickens, turkey, peacock, guinea hen, parakeet, parrot, etc? My little 5 year old grand nephew is enthralled by the duck feathers I have given him.He also found some blue jay and crow feathers that he thinks are neat. He shared a few with his best friend as if he was sharing a treasure. So cute. I'd love to give him some other really interesting ones. I would be glad to reimburse postage. I have black muscovies, a brown and white pied muscovy, a white muscovy, two tan and white runners, a female mallard, a Saxony cross and a KC cross. So anything any different would be really appreciated by this little guy! And me! PM me if you have any to share.
Well...they're still plain ol' white, but theres a pair of mute swans in the lake behind my house and their feathers are GIGANTIC,
Okay! Hmm, I think the molt's over but I always find a flight feather or two on my afternoon walks. I'll try to grab some for you. :)

I will mail these tomorrow.
Sfraker-those are gorgeous!!!!! He will just love them. I really appreciate your generosity! Thank you.

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