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    Dec 16, 2011
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    Ok this is supposed to be a meat bird experiment, but now that they have hatched I am very interested what colors I may get just for fun. [​IMG]
    So the roo is a huge salmon Faverolles boy. He was bred to a white laced red Cornish and a dark Cornish. Isn't the dark Cornish color basically a double laced?
    Well there is one peep with a dark smudge on it's back and head and one with an orange smudge on the side of it's head. Both have 5 toes and the big fluffy beards like normal Faverolles chicks.
    I could just wait and see what I get, but it's so exciting and I just was wondering what would be genetically possible with this combination. I did check the chicken genetics calculator page, but it isn't always very accurate and only seems to work with more common colors.
    So has anyone tried this or a similar combination or knows what I might be getting in this or future hatches?

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