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Discussion in 'Quail' started by NoSkiveez, Jan 28, 2011.

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    Is there someplace I could find a quail color index? I've hatched a couple hundred chicks out in the last few weeks and I have gotten a few colors and I don't know where I begin with the color of them (I also have no idea who laid the egg that chick came out of).

    If possible, id love to know if there is some sort of a chart that would tell me "this color X that color = THIS"
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    Check the stickies on the top of the forum. Go to coturnix quail basics and keep scolling down. There are pictures of babies then adults.

    Hope it helps.
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    Go to Stellargamebird farm ...Quaillady's site she has excellent photos and info.
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    Unfortunately, I don't believe there's any exhaustive colour index available anywhere on the net. QuailLady and Garry Landry have a fairly good selection of the colours on their webpages, but there's combinations that can't be found on either. What you could do, is take pics of your quail and post them and the members can try to help you out. I'd suggest breaking up the whole hatch into groupings of colours, with no more than 5-10 chicks per pic for simplicity sake. It can be rather daunting to try to pic one chick out of a photo of a hundred, unless you can photo shop numbers next to them so we can be certain about which chick in the pic we're refering to with each other. Another thing I will mention is that there is quite a bit of variation even amoung a certain colour. I get super bright yellow chicks in my hatches that you'd swear would be white, but they later turn out to be silver.

    I think it would be a worthwhile project for the members on here to create a photo index of all the possible colours.
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    Oh boy, I would never be able to separate hatches. I'm hatching out way too many per week. I'm going to take a look to see if the colors I'm getting are on the sites. If not, I will post them and see what everyones thoughts are.
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    Quote:Are you trying to find out the color mutations for Coturnix or for Chinese Blue Breasted Quail?
    If it's coturnix there are not that many colors...Golds,Whites,Browns,British Range(Rosetta and Tibetan) Tuxedo,Red Golden. That's it to the best of my understanding.
    If it's CBBQ then there are white,wild type(Blue breasted) Red Breasted,Silver,Blue Face, Cinnamon,fawn and i THINK that's all but then you have all the ten zillion combos of these colors like silver redbreasted ,cinnamon blue face red breasted...etc...And with CBBQ what looks like a certain color at 2 days old will frequently look like something else at 2 weeks old and so on till they get their adult feathers after their first molt.
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    for coturnix I am kina fond of the washed out goldens that look like mini barred rocks LOL
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    So, I have been all thru the quail sticky and something has me confused. In my breeder pens I have no white quail, yet I am hatching white quail. I have a&ms but I keep those eggs marked and separate and they go in a hovabator, incubate and hatch separately and housed separate (my a&ms Which are standard size are old so I'm trying to replenish them) but out of my jumbos I am getting whites and I'm am confused about how I'm getting them. I failed science so its possible that I don't completely understand the genetics that created them.

    I even had some one over today buying some of them and he asked the same thing after he saw my breeder pens. I told him I was unsure of how I was getting white. They are marked like the a&m.
  9. JJMR794

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    In Quail...

    Tuxedo = Single Pied Gene

    White = Double Pied Gene
  10. Rainwolf

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    Quote:I would say that you have some white genetics in your jumbo breeders. Depending on how many whites you get a hatch it could be just 2 birds with the white gene. ( 1 male and 1 female)

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