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    Jul 5, 2011
    I have easter eggers laying but they would be crossed with either a silkie rooster, frizzled roosters or a black marans. As far as action, the silkie and frizzles have only reaches maturity in the last 6 weeks so haven't seen much success from them. they do try very, very hard but are just so small. I'm not saying they won't be successful or haven't, just that I haven't seen any success.
    This is my first winter with silkies so will have to let you know. We have many members who have silkies and I don't believe any of them do much special for them.
    I read on a cheese making forum that the milk that goes to Costco is the same milk from one of the dairies around here. I can't remember which one other than it isn't Farmcrest/Royal Crest. They said that the milk is good milk for cheese and in some of their cheeses, there is little difference between the Costco milk and the organic, non-homogenized milk they were buying. I do not know and haven't called Costco to find out their supplier. I'm just willing to try it.
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    I have 4 SLW's. I haven't noticed any aggressive behaviors other than the normal pecking order stuff. They are 30 weeks old and some of the youngest in the flock, there are 4 other younger than them, 2 hens and 2 roos. They are very fat and fluffy, and don't seem to be really sassy. They run from the older girls and get out of the way when they are supposed to. They will help run off the doves and pigeons when they get to close. On occasion they will let me pet them for a second or two, but then they're off. From what I have notices in my flock, all the birds have their own little personalities. Good luck with your Wyandottes.
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    Everything has at least a layer of outdoor wood seal if not two. The whole coop is designed to be taken apart and moved if we ever have too in the future as well.
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    Jul 8, 2012
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    I have mousers! My Sussex Sisters have evidently located a nest of just-emerged young mice, and so far have caught and killed two of them. They may be cute little furry babies, but they are future feed stealers and potential hanta virus carriers. They didn't seem quite sure what to do with them once they caught them, so they took turns parading around with them, tails high and chests thrust out :)
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    Jul 22, 2011
    The mice I've been catching are little wild house mice which the CDC says don't carry the hanta virus. I doubt they eat much either. One was too tiny to set off the trap (we had to chase it into the trap, then cover the open part and dump it into the bucket!)! Hubby doesn't like them because of how quickly they reproduce. 2 turns into 10 in just a few days! They haven't been destructive at all lately because the feed is easy enough to get to in the coop.

    We talked to the neighbor and he hasn't seen a single mouse! However, since moving in they have had a problem with snakes! I prefer the mice thank-you-very-much! Their house was vacant for over a year and the yard was badly overgrown. I guess the snakes moved in looking for the mice and the mice came here for sanctuary and chicken food. I am not sure why the snakes didn't follow them here but we haven't seen a single snake (I hope it stays that way!!!).
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    Hey Pozees...send 'em here to teach mine, will ya? We came across one in the wheelbarrow where we'd piled the oats to dry, so it was easy to scoop up. Took it out and dangled it over the run and they all acted like it was a tiger or something...wouldn't come nearer than a foot. I finally let it go thinking they'd chase it but nooooo....they ran the other way! Chicken chickens :(
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    Mar 31, 2011
    Looking to rehome a Serama hen and a Japanese bantam hen. My son has decided he wants a Guinea pig and hubby says the "little girls" have to go for that to work. Would be perfect for a household with kids. Anyone who is interested feel free to message me.
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    I have mousers too. I was in the run yesterday and heard a kurfuffel in the composts bin. My two alpha hens emerged with a mouse each and ran around sqwaking and being chased. Then three less alpha's each started running around with a baby mouse each. I was 1/2 grossed out and 1/2 proud.
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    May 4, 2012
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    That's great! More protein; less loss of situation!

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