Colors!! think it will look good??

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by lkellogg, Dec 4, 2013.

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    Nov 18, 2013
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    I have a Narragansentt Tom and a Royal Palm breeding hen, I am hoping they will breed but if they do, do you think it will lokk good and has any one already done this if so do you have photos??

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    A Narragansett is a bronze based bird with double recessive Narragansett genes. The Narragansett gene is sex linked so its a little more complicated than that, but we can ignore that in this case because a royal palm is a black winged bronze base with double recessive Narragansett genes and double recessive gray genes. Kind of funny that the bird with the gray genes is white and the bird without the gray genes is gray, but that's the way it is. Anyway, when you cross them, the offspring will all get the Narragansett genes. Each offspring will also get a black winged base gene from the palm and a bronze based gene from the Narri. Since bronze based is mostly dominant over black winged base, all the offspring will have the barred wings typical of the Narragansett. Each offspring will also get a gray gene from the palm (also called a palm gene) and a " not white" gene from the Narragansett. The spot where the grey gene lives in the DNA is called a locus, and at that locus there are three possible genes, white, not white, and gray (palm). Most loci have only two genes, but the white locus and the base color locus each have three possible genes. Anyway, since the gray gene is recessive to the dominant not white gene, the offspring will not display any characteristics of the gray gene. So they will look like a bird with a bronze base, and not white genes, and Narragansett genes, which looks like...a Narragansett. Yes, all the offspring will look like Narragansett. Don't be fooled, however. Those other genes are being carried, and if you cross these things back together you can potentially get a number of things, including royal palms, black- winged narragansetts, and a barred wing bird with Narragansett and palm genes. I can't remember what that ends up looking like. You'll just have to do some crossing and see for yourself.

    Have fun!

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