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Sep 19, 2008
We have a broodie on some eggs at the moment (not planned) they are just pets so we dont mind if they are just pet quality lol they are both black chickens. the roo has a slight red colour on some parts of him but nothing flash (it only shows in the sun.)
The hen is a plain black frizzle.

Does this mean all my chicks will be plain black aswell (we have an overload of black chickens lol) ???

Also we are thinking of planning a new clutch but selecting for colour this time. Hoping not all black chicks this time! As I said its not about them being show quality, they are all healthy stock though and chicks are for us.

Was wondering what would happen colour wise with the following crosses

Roo = Bright orange and red bantam (mixed breed)
Hen = Light sussex bantam

Roo = Bright orange and red bantam (mixed breed) same roo as above
Hen= Bantam has feather colouring of a plymouth rock legs are quite pale (doubt she is pure bred but has the colour)

Any info would be great
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I both parents are black then the offspring should be black too (this is one of the only colors that I know the genetics of).
However I don't know how the reddish color on the cock would play into the chicks' color.
Hi yes expecting all blacks!! hopefully will get a few frizzles again they are always great.

If anyone knows about the other crosses that would be great

They should all be black.
Its nice to have a broodie they have saved me several times during power outages. My little bantam cochin frizzle girls are always going broodie.
Hi guys thanks for the replies what do you think about these crosses
Hi guys thanks for the replies what do you think about these crosses

if you are crossing different breeds you could get anything, no one knows what you will get because they almost always come out different
The other two crosses will be sexlinked because the male is bright orange and red on silver hens (light sussex) so the males will be mostly white and the females will be orange/red

The other cross will be like a black sexlink cross due to the sexlink barring, the males will be barred and the females will be black.
Thanks heaps for that!!!
My rooster over the sussex hen sound like the best bet then

So are you able to tell at hatching then what sexes we would have. Or do the reds and the silvers both hatch out white??

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