Columbian Rock at TSC


11 Years
Jan 22, 2009
Mokena, IL
I happen to be in Louisville, KY for work, and stopped by the local TSC
they had Columbian Rock pullets. I am unable to find a picture of what the adults might look like.

Does anybody have a pic to post or a website I can go to Already tried which wasn't any help this time.


I have a picture of columbian rock Bantams does that help?

Not my best picture of my boy/girl.
So wow, is this just not a popular breed? or is it actually sorta rarer? I know I have looked EVERYWHERE for Columbian Rock Bantams to add to my own, and I can't find anything.
I think columbian rocks are so pretty. I am getting some columbian rock bantams in May and I can't wait! I was thinking of columbian wyandottes next year to replace my layers if Meyers still has them. They were new this year. I haven't found columbian rock LF anywhere. Rocks are my favorite breed for egglaying, but I guess Wyandottes are pretty good too.
I wish I had gotten to a terminal sooner. I would have bought some from the TSC they had at least 50 and several other breeds also.

In Cincinatti now and local TSC don't have chickesn yet.

I have to check the TSC when I get home.

Thanx for the information.


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