Comb almost ripped off- hanging by a thread! Scared of dubbing!


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Apr 18, 2012
22 I can see I will probably have to "dub" my poor little bantam now....I don't know exactly what happened. Whether she got stuck somewhere and ripped it, or someone else ripped it off, but her poor little rosecomb is now hanging by a thread. It has stopped bleeding thank God. So I see a lot of different ideas on how to dub but nothing clear and I'm wondering exactly HOW to dub my poor little girl!!

Can someone walk me through the process?

-How do I numb the pain?
-How do I stop bleeding?
-What is the after-care? bacitracin?

Ugh, it looks awful. I'm an ER nurse, but whenever my animals are hurt I can barely take it!

Thanks so much!!
You're an ER nurse and this bothers you?
Just kidding. I'm a scrub tech and when I had to pull out a couple of my husbands stitches my knees got weak.
I've seen just about all there is to see but when it comes to the ones we love it's a different story.

If your little one's comb is hanging just by a thread I would use just the tip of a sharp pair of scissors. Pressure will stop the bleeding and if it's not too bad a styptic stick will work.

Do it fast and she won't know what happened. Keep the wound clean and dry and use antibiotic ointment for a few days. Make sure the ointment doesn't contain anything for pain. Anything ending in a cain lidocaine, marcaine benzocain but you know that.
If it is just barely hanging, just use sharp scissors and clip it if quickly. A little blood stop, corn starch, or something else to help clot and your done. Watch for infection, but that shouldn't happen.

Thank you so much for the replies! Must pick up some blood stop tomorrow then I'll just snip it off. My poor little girl!

Thank you!
She'll be fine. Really. This will probably be worse on you.

Reminder to everyone to have a chicken first aid kit. Search this site for excellent suggestions on what to include. A people first aid kit is also a good idea. You never know when you'll need one especially with all the disasters we've been having.

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