Comb and wattles -- signifies about to lay?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by kuntrychick, Jul 26, 2009.

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    There is also in the box, and sorry I didnt it in another post, but some dont go back and has a picture of the VENTS....a "closed vent"...means you cant see into the no laying:/

    a open vent...means you can look and see alittle in, like the hen is open, means she is a of I go running to the coop...excited...[​IMG] and I grabbed my hens...poor babies...toture time...and I turn them upside down, and play doctor...Ok, Im a licensed medic..have been for yrs...but new to chickens...[​IMG]

    And sure enough...I have my layers that the vent looks open...and those that arent laying...u can see the vent, and its closed alot more. You dont have to stick your finger in it...[​IMG] just move back the feathers.

    Potter, those are awesome pictures!!!! thanks for sharing
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    cool ive noticed the same thing in two of my pullets cant wait!!! my EE and on of my BRs
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    With my orpingtons, one or two have red wattles/combs, and they are just approaching 20 weeks. And now they are laying! I think that the coloring does give you hints. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I have Buff Orpingtons that are about 17 wks that seem to have a large mount of wattle/Comb growth. Any chance you have current BO picks Whiteconfection?

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    Please excuse my ignorance but am also new to chickens - where is the vent?
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    after i read this post i ran out to see my pullets and theyre combs and wattles are bright red!!! hope that means theyll lay soon
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    Quote:The vent would be confused by some with the anus. They share the same locartion on the chicken.

    When a hen is in lay, or nearly so, her pelvic bones spread. She widens at the rear and bottom, and she softens across the pelvic region. The bones actually spread to allow the egg to pass, preparing for the egg to pass.
    You should be able to easily probe her pelvic area, and three fingers should press into the pelvice region without any resistance. you can actually feel the pe;vic bones on either side.

    By comparison, the non layer will have a tight rear abdomen, no lower spreading or widening across the pelvic area and the pelvic region will resist the three fingers pressing in.

    Comb and wattle color, as well as skin "bleaching," are imprecise. To know for sure if she is in or near lay, you gotta probe your chicken and get to know the feel of a lower abdomen ready to pass eggs.
    No time to be squemish, there's only one way to accomlish this - so you may as well just get to it.... [​IMG]
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    Quote:Ooh, I think one of the chickens squatted! I when I petted the EE's back, she crouched down, flared her wings out on the sides, and stood really solidly on the ground. The WL, on the other hand, slid out from under my hand with the typical "don't touch my back" attitude. Maybe I'll get a green egg soon....

    I don't feel the need to go feeling around their abdomens for bone spread just yet (they are not fond of being picked up), but if I get inpatient enough I might. [​IMG]
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    Quote:The hen yard is no place for being polite (or squeamish)!... pick them chickens up and have a feel around their feathery bottoms.
    You're the boss, after all.

    The only other sure way to know when they are laying is to find the eggs.
    So, you can feel.... or wait.

    Might as well get on familiar terms now.
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    Quote:The crouching down is a squat. Likely within a week you will have an egg.

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