comb changing colors


7 Years
Aug 22, 2012
Started 6 mos ago. Chicken had gotten her coive kept an eye on it and it never changed. Now on and off 3 times niw it has went back to a completly normal folir. Like today, this afternoon it was purple. This evening it was only purple on the tront 1/3 and the rest looked healthy. Is it rrost bite that is healingvor is it something else. No one else is affected. I have goid egg production and no other problems
mb pooped on this winter and i assumbed she got frost bite, it turned purple.
Chicken got her fomb pooped on and it turned purple i assumed it was frostnite*** sorry it wont load the screen correctly for me to c what i type on my mobile device. .
It very well could be frostbite but I would have said that it would stay purple.... it could be a circulation problem but I'm not sure... I had a chicken one who choked one night but I didn't realise until it was too late... check her breathing and vents.
Bluey-purple in the comb shows lack of oxygen to the blood (red blood cells turn red once they're carrying oxygen).

Sometimes mine would get it every so often in the tips but would soon be back to normal later, I think she had some sort of underlying respiratory problem?

Sorry I'm not really being very helpful here ; A ;
If you think it's frostbite try putting vaseline on the comb.
Your chook will be more prone to frostbite if the comb is on the large side, and if it's pretty cold weather.
I wonder if the frostbite was mild enough to jyst restrict blood flow but the comb didnt die completly? He wattles a a good red folor. Her fafe skin is a good folir. 95% of the time its purple. Hope it gets better as it warms. Suppose to be in the 70s now. Ty!!

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