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Not sure where I should post this... hopefully, this is right. I'm just learning about chickens, and I keep hearing/seeing references to combs: rose, single, double, pea, honey (ok, I threw that in just to see if people were paying attention).

It's not clear to me what comb is what. I have looked around, but am not readily finding pix of the types of combs, as well as what makes them fit into that particular classification. Does anyone have pix or links to which they can refer me?

Here are a couple of my new chicks. I don't see any combs at all yet (which is normal at this point, right?). Or perhaps they're there, and I just don't recognize them...

Thanks in advance.


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You can always tell what comb a chicken has, even at that age. From the looks of it, you've posted a Golden Laced Wyandotte with a tight rose comb OR an Easter Egger with a pea comb.

Pea combs usually grow out to be lumpy looking, with three seperate rows of bumps. Rose combs are generally flat, with either none or a lot of lumps on the top, and a slight small spike that juts out to the back of the neck.
Thanks! Yes, both these chicks are GLW. Will a rose comb on a rooster be flat as well as on a hen? Or just less flat?

They will also be flat - Although if those chicks are from a hatchery, the combs can be anywhere from really high, lumpy, and messy looking to a good, moderate flat comb. Both male and female should have a broad, leaf-like comb, but much smaller size in the hens.

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