combining different aged chicks (i know, again) *long-winded posted*


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O.k., a couple of weeks ago, i got 21 pullet chicks, who are now 25 days old. They are buff orpingtons, rir, and barred rocks.

Yesterday, i got (from the same place) 3 rir's who are about 10 days old.

We also got 3 rir cockerels who are 6 1/2 weeks old.

want to put them all together. Please hear my reasoning ( i might be crazy, but listen anyway).

It seems like they get more and more territorial with age, so it seems like i should merge them as soon as i can. Am i nuts?

We're moving the 21 girls to the coop in about a week. I would like to move the little 10 dayers in with them then or earlier. There is a substantial size difference between them right now. And i was thinking (unless someone tells me that it might be worth seeing how the big boys do with the girls by just sticking them in there and watching) i could put the big boys in there too, but behind a cage until i see how they're going to act or until they just get used to the idea.

Also, is it a good idea to just stick one of the little ones in with the 21 and just watch and see how it goes? Will they be mean immediately? Or does it take a little while before they start pickin'?

Please shower me with abundant advice.


P.s. they all came from the same chicken "farm" so to speak. so i don't think quarantine should be an issue. they all have the same germs.
You'll have better luck sticking them all together at once than one at a time. Can almost guarantee one little one will be picked on. If they have a big enough space they should be ok together - just watch them a while. Make sure the little ones have a space they can get into where the others don't fit if they get in trouble.
When adding different ages together MORE is better. They can't all figure out who's who and end up not picking on any one bird too much so more is merrier.

Just be sure you have a good warm spot for the youngest ones and all should be well.
thank you walkswithdog.
and everyone for your responses

for posterity and fyi, i ended up letting the big new ones and the little new ones together to see what would happen, and nothing happened. so i added a few of the regulars.

one of the regulars decided to peck one of the big cockerels in the eyes, and he pecked her back a little, and then nothing.

so i think i'm going to put them all in the big brooder early tomorrow morning - and put a light in the corner for the babies - and just watch them all day and see how they do and if i need to re-separate them.

no one seems to be bothering the babies at all so far!
HEY PunkinHead...... will that be too crowded? Do you have plenty of room in the new brooder? Over crowding will cause aggressive behavior also....

It would be so awesome to have all of them in the same place living in harmony.

I am so glad that they are getting along better than expected

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