Comical Adventures in Butchering (graphic)


11 Years
Feb 4, 2008
Venice, Florida
OK, so I decided it was a good time for me to butcher my 3rd chicken. (I'm doing them as we're ready for a chicken to eat.) And I'm by myself in the backyard away from all the other chickens and guineas.

I make 2 cuts to the neck to cut his head off and he jerks to get up. I loose my hold on him thinking he's just going to flop. But instead he gets up and starts to run. I have heard of chickens running with their heads off so I don't think anything of it until...

the rooster begins to run towards the front of the house. And so the chase begins. He runs under the truck, around the trees, back under the truck, back around the trees. Captain Bart sees this bleeding roo and decides he is going to get in on the action. So the nex t time when the Stew runs under the truck, Bart follows and attacks him.

The roo runs back to the trees, me and Bart follow. Bart was actually a big help.
Then the roo went into where they sleep and I was able to catch him again and finish butchering.

He was very tasty. Wonderful stew. He weighed 5 lbs dressed. Huge drumsticks and thighs.

Anyway thought I'd share this tale.


11 Years
Apr 9, 2008
Rolling on the floor LAAUUGHHIINNGGG!!! So was his head attached this whole time, swinging, or was he headless??

This is so hilarious!! It reminds me of when I was little & my grandmother used to butcher the chickens. She & my great-grandmother & Mick ( step great-grandfather) used to work in unison ~

~Throw the chicken over, chop the head, fling the chicken out into the yard, send a kid to catch the chicken... throw the chicken over, chop the head, fling the chicken out in to the yard, send a kid to catch the chicken.....

They would go through 30 or 40 chickens this way, & I swear Mick would chuck those chickens straight at us just to see us run. Once my sister thought she might be brave & try to catch the thing mid-throw, but that feisty chicken came at her with claws out & grasping, lol, lol,

Ahh.. memories... good times, good times..


11 Years
Jun 26, 2008
Columbiaville, MI
awesome! they are so weird!

i had one that i had gotten through the noggin and bleeding all over his head. he got up and walked back towards the other chickens like a zombie. how he was even getting around is beyond me.

it looked like something out of a movie. i'm surprised the Scooby and Shaggy didn't show up with the gang in the Mystery Machine!


11 Years
Jun 15, 2008
When I was still a minikid, we whent to a next door neighbors' house to butcher a couple of chickens... the dad swung his axe , chicken lost head on the stump, threw headless body and said body flew to the top of the power pole at front of property. Said body acted like it was crowing constantly, but no sound. this whent on for quite a while untill it finally fell off the pole . He sure tasted GOOD !!!

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