Coming out of lurkdom with a hello and a question


7 Years
Mar 29, 2012
Hi everyone. I've been lurking at this site for the past couple of months -- lots of great info for a newbie chicken owner. We started our flock of seven hens (we hope) in late March.

We have four reds from a TSC "red pullet" bin and three Australorps from another place. The reds are nine weeks old, and the 'Lorps are eight weeks. All seem to be doing fine.

At first, I was under the impression that the reds were RIRs, but having looked up images online (including here), I'm now thinking they are either Red Stars or Golden Comets. There are pictures of both of those types that look just like my chickens. Here's a picture of some of my flock:

The one in the foreground is the most aggressive of the bunch -- not mean, just bold. She's actually pretty friendly -- she'll land on my chair and let me pet her. I'm really hoping she's a hen since we can't keep roosters here.

Here's one of the 'Lorps:

Can anyone tell me the differences between Red Stars and Golden Comets, if any? Do these chickens look like pullets to you? Thanks in advance.
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

They are both what is known as "production reds", from different hatcheries. Each hatchery has their own "recipe" of breeds to make their production brown egg layers.
Thanks! I gather from that there's no appreciable difference in the two types, then: Each hatchery has its own brew. We'll see how they do when it comes to egg laying. I'm pleased with the personalities so far as all are pretty friendly toward humans and other birds.
Welcome fellow Floridian!

Yes, your reds look just like mine. They were sold as gold sex links. I think mine are a week older than yours, but yours sound more friendly than mine. They do not like to be touched and only approach if I have food. :(

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