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  1. abs45

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    Mar 12, 2017
    Just wondering....I got an additional 3 chicks from the same place I got my first 4 (local co-op, all very healthy and energetic). They were n a separate brooder, of course, and I lost one little partridge silkie. :( I went and picked up another little black silkie from the same batch that to keep it at 3 for the littles.

    I watched them all for a bit before choosing one. This chick was energetic, normal, moving around well, good weight, etc. there were quite a few chicks in that bin, and I'm wondering, could the newbie be all tuckered out from holding its own in such a big crowd?

    She's been eating, drinking with the others since she got here earlier this afternoon, but is kinda quiet and snoozing a bit. I gave her a drop of Nutri drench, and there are probiotics/vitamins in the water. I'm hoping she's just catchin up on some much needed rest without being jostled around.

  2. autumnbee17

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    Jan 6, 2017
    Sorry for your lost on your silkie. I would watch her for a bit. If she is still like that I would try to give her yogurt because that might help her get some energy. And how many chicks do you have in your brooder right now?

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