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I saw an ad on Craiglist about a FREE Paso Fino mare, 20 years old.

Perfect for my six year old DD? Lead line lessons only so far.......and for me, that I have experience in riding and training Pasos. A horse that both of us can use and ride occassionally but not heavy use.

I'm checking around for boarding, stall and pastures the expenses and what jobs included or not included in it.

Here is the link:

And here is the response from the owner:
I haven’t measured her but I think my mare is about 14 hands. She has been my favorite horse to ride and has a nice performance gait but I am offering her primarily as a pasture buddy because I believe she is having some arthritis. Last winter I gave her some Cosamine in her feed and it seemed to help a lot. She is registered with the PFHA and is a Plabeyo granddaughter. I have a nice two year old out of her and a two time grand national champion. This year I bred her, she ultrasounded in foal and then miscarried. She is a very easy keeper and gets along well with other horses. She is easy to handle, load and trim. Current coggins.

I am not looking to breed at all. Just a nice riding pleasure horse but I dont think she can handle my weight (230 lbs) but ok for dd.

Look more into it or RUN?
its worth a shot- altho- if your going to take on the expense of boarding her you may want to consider something more usefull. you run the risk of her being REALLY sore next year and paying to board a pet.

I'd check out QH's in your area- they can carry your weight ( i weigh around that and I don't think i'd get on a 20 yo IMO) and should be quiet enough for a beginner.

If you're going invest time in training, boarding ect i'd go with a 12-16 yo. . . . if you dont HAVE to ride maybe get DD a pony thats been there done that?
How old is the little girl? She should be riding something smaller if she's a little kid. Probably a small pony that's taken along a couple kids already is a better choice. It would be nice to find a small pony that jumps a tiny little cross rail, goes on trail rides, and will be quiet with a small child.
I dunno, there are both pros and cons to the "pony vs small horse" thing for starting kids. I think it's about a wash, overall, if you average across all kids and all their mounts; and in an individual situation often depends greatly on what the kid's personality is like and what particular animals are available. Small horses, while obviously having more unreachable parts and putting the kid further off the ground and *sometimes* having larger gaits, OTOH have the advantages of being more easily reschooled by adults when necessary, being easier to find one with a bombproof kidfriendly temperament in many areas of the country, and not getting outgrown as quick.

IMO a Paso is not the most obvious choice for a kid's first mount, in large part because you could almost certainly get a more suitable sounder "generic" horse for cheaper... and that arthritis-and-cosequin thing concerns me, it may well be downplaying a more significant problem... but if you want to go look at the horse, what'd it hurt?

I'd take a good horsey friend the first time, bring DD along the second time. Vet check of course. My DD rides our 14.2hh Arab-Saddlebred just fine and she is comfortable on her. It's worth looking into, it would be a good beginning horse for your daughter BUT ... there is a good chance that in a year or two DD will outgrow her and/or the horse could become lame and live for another 10 years on board. If you owned your own property and grew your own hay, it might be different, but you may end up paying board for a long time on a useless horse. Unless you euthanize her when she gets irreparably lame. Food for thought.
Just an FYI It might be a scam
There is this ad, on the gratiot area (pronounced Greshen) it is near Freeport IL/Monroe WI area.
Free To Good Home!20YO Paso (Gratiot,WI)
Date: 2010-10-05, 7:41PM CDT
Reply to: see below

Looking to rehome my 20 y.o. Paso Fino gelding.I have owned this horse for 20 years and he is near and dear to my heart.He would make a great beginners horse.He is very well trained.Looking for his forever home! Please call for more information.A good loving home is a must

It could be a coincidence but it seems odd that two Paso's the same age, would be free so "close" to each other...

Paso's can have a lot of Brio ( or action). I would have a vet check done, at 250 dollars it would be worth it for a free horse.
Also go to a Paso board online and ask the serious question.. how would a young inexperienced 6 yr old and a 20 yr old Paso do together.

Hope this helps​
I'd suggest a horse over a pony for most kids. Ponies tend to be ornery things that aren't trained well because the adults can't ride them. I got the crap beat out of me by various ponies growing up and was so glad when we finally got a horse I could ride. My shetland would purposely step on my foot with just the right timing to land me flat on my face. Also ran off with me a few times. My next pony had to back in to several barb wire fences before she'd go forward when I told her to. She liked to swerve under a tree branch and duck it so I'd get wiped out. Had a nice black eye once. She also had the turn and dip shoulder or hip down perfectly for getting rid of either a bareback rider or a 2nd rider behind the saddle. The horses were soooo much easier to handle even when I only about 6. I just couldn't saddle them myself. If you want something smaller for a child I'd go for a quarter pony or POA. Same breeding and attitude as a big horse but around 13-14h.
Also if you are going to get a horse 20 years old, and figure you'd like to keep it for a few years, you likely will not be able to sell it again, and either will have to keep it for the rest of its life, or have it euthanized.
for 20 she is in pretty good condition. pasos often have trouble with their pastern joints in the rear. hers look low over time they have problems with their digital flexors. pasos do tend to be long lived also the amount of care she has received over her lifetime plays a big role. how are her teeth ?

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