Completely Random kind of a mini rant.


8 Years
May 14, 2011
SOOO Dh has a sis that has step kids. We took in the oldest when he was 17 so he could finish school here. (They have moved those kids clear across the country 14 times in the last 6 or 7 years.) He finished high school and joined the army. No issue with that. Issue with they never made good on the 200 a month for feeding and housing the young man. (We bought clothing and entertainment for him at our expense too.)
She calls up yesterday and asked if the youngest one could do the same. WOW. Made me so
It is not like we are made of $$$$$$. We live very frugally and on a tight budget. I think she asks too much.

She says they are moving back up here in the spring.

NOT staying here NO WAY!!!! Her hubby don't think he should work and makes us all NUTS.

I am wondering if I should sell the dang house and move to Montana. DH is not pleased with her either.

Ok mini rant over .... maybe.

I been fuming all day over this.
Tell her you wouldn't mind helping (if that is true) but with the economy and all, you simply can't afford to raise another kid. Remind her that you had to feed and clothe her last one and you are not in a position to do that again. Let it go at that.
That is what DH did and I am glad he stood his ground.
I just hate it that they have moved those kids so much. They leave EVERYTHING except clothing in FL and come to CO and then 3 months later they leave everything HERE (my house) and head back to FL.
Kinda expensive way to vacation IMO.
If you take another in, make sure to go to DHS and get child support action started. I just went thru that with my sister. Took in her 14yr old, she promised 200 a month also... She still owes me 900... I will never see it. But if her kid ends back up with me again, I am going to get court ordered child support.

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