Computer geek meets chick freak!


Aug 13, 2008
Ellijay, GA
I am such a goof. I have broken down and ordered an rcom 20 pro with usb incubator. I had no reason spending so much money, but the more I looked at it i just had to have it. I get to plot all the info of hatching on the computer! I sooooo can't wait! I should get it on Wednesday, and have a bid for some eggs on ebay, so hopefully i will start my first batch next week!

I sure hope the incubator is as good as i hope it is! LOL
Hey Loco

Guess we are neighbors Im in Blue Ridge I got an r20,but without the usb, and am very happy with it No problems with this thing All that I have had to do is add some water every so often It holds temps so good I think it might put the hens out of business
Good luck on your first hatch but be warned it is habit forming

Hey bantyman! yea we are neighbors! Good to hear about the rcom 20. I am so looking forward to it. I will probably have it full all the time! Must...have...more...CHICKENS!!! LOL
hehe .... let me know when you are bored with it .....

.... cos I wanna chance to get bored with it too
If I ever have the money I'd get one plus a little camera so I can watch my eggs from anywhere with my laptop. Would have been very useful when I had to leave right before a hatch was due. I had to spend the whole time worrying if the temp and humidity were right, if they'd hatched early, etc... At least if I could see what's going on I could have called my aunt who was watching all my pets and told her what to do.

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