Computer Nerds - I need your advice!


11 Years
Jan 16, 2009
Central PA
I have a seriously outdated computer! I got it like 10 years ago! (Don't laugh I also still have an Apple II that we still play games on!
) Oh boy, I am so outdated it's horrible! Anyway, I have a PC with:
AMD Athlon 650 MHz procesor
128 MB Memory
Powered by Windows 98 SE

Now, what I want to know, what is the absolute cheapest way I can make this old dog faster? I have slooooooooowwwww dial up internet that takes at least 5 minutes to upload pictures when people post them. I mean, do I have to just take a sledge hammer to this and bury it or is there any hope? I use a computer at work that has cable connection and Windows XP. Oh man, that is so nice! Any advice at all would be appreciated!
The fastest that PC will ever go is when you drop it out a window.

You can try uninstalling anything you are not using on it, defraging the
hard drive, and there are a few web optimizers for dialup you can find
on DSL is s cheap these days. Have you considered
dropping the dialup service?

Don't spend $1 on it. Start saving and buy yourself a laptop. I see
nice ones for under $500. The one I'm using now was only $550 and
it's lasted almost 6 months. I usually trash a laptop every 6 months
so I don't buy expensive ones.

Good luck
I really can't recommend putting money into the computer. I suspect your slow image loading is coming from your dial-up connection. If you simply click on a photo that is on your hard-drive it comes up quickly...right?

I've got some old (about 10 year old like yours) computers at the business. I decided I'd do a memory upgrade....went from 128mb to 512mb(max)...wasn't much of an improvement at all. Next move is simply to replace the computers....the prices have *really* come down in the last couple of years...especially with the appearance of low-cost flat panel monitors on the scene. The old CRT monitors were costly to build and kept the price of turnkey computers propped up for years. Now you don't even seen a new CRT being offered for sale anymore...dinosaurs. (With an old HD satellite receiver and one of the higher resolution CRTs you can make a nice little high-def television, though!

Best wishes,
I have to agree with the others, upgrading won't help you much, all you could really do is add ram, which you'd have to get at an antiques store.

Your real problem is the dialup connection. Even a new computer is going to be slow on dialup.
I've done the defrag many times and recently deleted all the junk on my computer. No help at all. I can't get a cable connection here. I'm in the boonies. HughesNet is expensive for me. I am paying only $4.95 a month for NetZero. I complained how slow it was and the cut the price in half!
I suspect Norton AnitVirus was a serious virus for my computer. It got a LOT slower after I installed it. I tried uninstalling it but it won't get off. I know of someone who was ready to call an attorney to get Norton off their computer and only then did Norton do something about it. I would definitly not use that again!
Yes, Norton is a garbage program. That company is crap.

Google "uninstalling norton". It's possible to do, just a pain.

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