Computer Question...using a lifeline!!!


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Apr 19, 2009
Norwalk, Ohio
I'm going to use a lifeline......

Ask the audience!!!

Which of the following tools is best for accessing Web pages and connecting to the internet?

B. Modem
C. Search Engine
D. Browser

TIA for answers...seems like a trick question to me
That is not a trick question, it's incorrect. You *have* to have *all* but the search engine.

Where isthis question from? Some one is in need of a lesson...
the question is from "internet basics" course i have to take

its an exam and i dont want to get it incorrect or else it drops my grade
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A. ISP = Internet Service Provider
B. Modem = necessary - or a router if you have Fios
C. Search Engine = Yahoo, Google, AOL, etc - NOT necessary to use the internet
D. Browser = this is the bar at the top that you type things in to search for - you have to use a SEARCH ENGINE to use the BROWSER.

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