Concerned about my water quality, and if is an issue.

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    We are in a drought situation in Northern Vermont. My spring dried up, and we are pumping into it from our pond. We have no other livestock to contaminate it, but we get occasional visits from herons and other wildfowl. The water smells very strongly of sulfer on the days we pump, but then dissipates. It never even occurred to me that I should be concerned about the chickens drinking it until my dad brought it up.
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    Uhg, I hate the smell of sulfur in water. 1 of our towns in CA has had that as long as I can remember and the residence drink it.

    How long have your chickens been drinking the water and have you seen signs of illness? My guess would be that you may have other animal visitors in the evenings that are drinking from it as well. Many wild animals drink from ponds and puddles all the time. Your pond is probably supporting a whole biological system inside it's water as well.

    In city water you smell strong chlorine that eventually dissipates as well, still not pleasant to drink.

    I don't actually know the answer other than saying if you haven't seen any signs of infection and you are still getting eggs, then you are probably ok.

    Good Dad.... caring about the animals! [​IMG]

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