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Aug 16, 2019
Ridgeway SC
My French Copper Marans are 3 1/2 months old. I have noticed the "runt" of the group sits a lot, she gets up and walks around some, but most of the time sitting while eating and drinking, and I have noticed lately she drops her wings also. None of the other hens or roosters shows anything like this. I keep plenty of fresh water and food in several different areas of the Coop. Any ideas what might be going on with my young hen?
This sounds gross but look at her bum and if there is poop on it get all of it off you might have to pull some out then try to get 1-2 cc of water in her every 3hr. If she throws up that’s good. The best way to do that is to give it to her with a syringe.
I did check out her hiney recently, everything looked good there. Thank you for the response.
Poops look good?
Is she eating and drinking enough?
Might be heat stress.

Deep all day shade is best but....

I give a dose of Sav-a-Chick electrolytes/vitamins about once a week during heat waves.
It really seems to help....started this after they saved a heat stroked hen once.
Can mix up a smaller amount, just wrap the packet tight and store in a dry cool place.
Always have plain water available too.

BIG(9x14x2") chunks of ice last all day for wading, sitting, and sipping.
Much more useful to the chickens than frozen foods and treats.

Make space in your freezer!
Sometimes you just will have a bird that does not thrive. I think it is a genetic ailment in her digestive, laying or heart system. They often don't make it, unless you do intensive intervention, and it may be a long term intervention.

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