Concrete Block Alernative to Wire Skirt?


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Jul 10, 2009
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My Coop

We lucked into a literal ton or so of used, half-size concrete blocks similar to the image above.

If we laid a perimeter of these laid down flat and sunk in the ground just outside the run would they serve in the place of a wire skirt to deter digging predators? Or are the digging predators smart enough to start outside a visible object like a concrete block?
I think that it is not the visibility, but the presence of a vertical object that might prompt them to move to the outer edge and dig. Although it might be a lot of work, burying them as pictured might be a better approach.

With wire on the ground as a skirt around my run, I have watched one of the dogs try to get a treat from inside the run. He started at the fence and dug. He encountered the layer of wire. He did not back up, he just persisted in trying to get through the wire.

I have seen photographs of pavers laid around the edge of a run as a skirt. They appear to be flush with the ground, so they would serve as an impenetrable apron.

Good luck.

I used those red scalloped concrete blocks as a skirt. I burried them upside down flush with the dirt, then placed the fence section tight to the edge of the blocks. So far so good, 10 months plus.

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