Concussed Chick


In the Brooder
7 Years
Apr 30, 2012
Douglas, MA
One of my chicks got startled today and ran right into the wall of the coop. She was just laying there not moving. She keep closing her eyes and would just lay there. Sometimes I swear she stopped breathing. She is up and walking around but still looks confused. Is the there anything I can do for her?
I might suggest putting her in a darkened crate and allowing her to rest until tomorrow; however, if she appears to be doing OK just leave her alone.
I agree dark cool room in best watch her but if she seems ok now maybe just keep a close eye on her but for shock i would cool dim room not to dark you dont really want her to go to sleep just not be stressed if you have clasical music or sounds of forest or streams that really helps too. this is what i do for wild birds i find that are having issue and most by next day seem to be ok
Well she made it thru the night just fine! She up and back to normal doing the things that chicks do! Thanks for the help!

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