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    May 1, 2009
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    Does condensation on the inside of the coop mean it's not ventilated enough? Thanks!
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    It means "not ventilated enough" and/or "not insulated enough". (If you were asking this in January I would add "or on windows it can simply mean just too great a temperature difference indoors vs out", but that is not the case this time of year)

    Is this condensation on the inside of metal or plastic roof or walls? If so, insulate them and that'll solve the problem. (And if it's doing it now, you would absolutely NEED to insulate before winter anyhow or you will have an intractible humidity problem come December)

    If this is condensation (this time of year) on windows or plywood walls, you need more ventilation. Reducing humidity *sources* can also help, i.e. take care of any roof leaks or waterer spills, and consider a droppings board that is cleaned every morning.

    Does that help any?

    Good luck, have fun,

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