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    I am taking silkies to a show next month and I am trying some new products to try and impove the condition of my birds. I bought some feed called Pen Pals Game bird conditioner PRM. It has 20% protien and some of that protien is animal protien. Will that help any with the qualitiy of the feathers? I also ordered some Rooster Booster. It has not arrived yet. It is the Poultry Cell that you add to feed every day. Wondering if it is going to help as well. I was curious about the B-12 with K rooster booster. Anyone use these products? Are there other good suppliments to use for showing?
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    The only thing I can ad is 30 days before a show is too close to change the feed too much as sometimes it will cause them to go into a molt. I feed a 20 -22 % ration to all of my poultry all year long. If you feed a good mixture no need for that many extras. I do feed some Black Sunflower seed during the fall and winter though.

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