Confused about EES,Arucanas,Americanas?

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    My 4 year old son and i just got into raising chicks last year. We live on a horse/hobby farm and wanted some eggs. Was not expecting that we would have this much fun. Being that I have never raised chickens before I had no idea what to get. We ended up getting 7 from our local farm store. 1 buff orington,2 black astrolaps,3 gold stars or Rhode island Reds(not really sure) and 1 Barred rock. We love them all. Well this year, my son saw some blue/green eggs in a magazine and begged that we could get some that lay that color eggs.I told him as long as they were cold hardy (we live in MN). So off we went. We got to the store and asked the guy working if they had any chicks that would lay those eggs. They advertised them as Arucanas. But after looking at this site I think I have EEs.A little help by you experts would be appreciated. I also got a little bit of the chick fever at the store and ended up getting 4 EEs or whatever they are. 3 Rhode Island Reds to clear up the Gold Star,Rhode Island Red debate. 3 yellow buffs and 3 barred rocks cause those are my wife's favorities! We have quite the flock now and cant wait to see if we end up getting colored eggs! Also if it helps the chicks have a greenish leg to them?
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    They're Easter Eggers.

    Easter Eggers are commonly and falsely sold as Ameraucanas or Araucanas by feedstores, hatcheries, and even your local neighbors. They usually come in an assortment of colors, have green legs, and lay an assortment of colored eggs.

    Araucanas are a rare breed not offered by feedstores or hatcheries and are hard to come by. They have no tails, no puffy cheeks (beards and muffs) and lay only blue eggs.

    Ameraucanas are also rare, not offered by feedstores or hatcheries, and are the real stumper for most people. Since they have tails and beards like Easter Eggers, many people think they are the same. (Plus hatcheries say they are, which they aren't) The thing to look out for with Ameraucanas are legs that are NOT yellow or green, eggs that are not green or brown, sellers that do NOT spell it with an I or call it an "Easter Egg" chicken, and weird assorted colored hens, such as brown/black or white/gray/black.
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    First of all [​IMG]

    Ok, chances are if you got your birds at a feed store, they're probably easter eggers. EEs can lay blue, blue green, green, and brown eggs, but blue and blue green are very likely. I hope that helps!

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