Confused chicken mama


Mar 21, 2019
I have a cuckoo marans hen who has been broody for 22 days. Egg started to hatch this am. Heard baby cheaping. Went out and checked, bigger hole from baby. Mama pecked the egg. We assumed she was doing her thing and helping. Just went out and baby is gone! Mama has egg yoke all over her beak. Egg shell with blood on bedding is all we can find. Why would she eat her baby?


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Some hens are confused if this is their first brood. Others are just not good mothers. If there are more eggs watch her closely and darken the nest site if possible. Once chicks are out and about most hens bond to them.
She started out with 10 eggs. Over the time, eggs would come up missing. Found yoke under her etc. Blamed another hen for being an egg eater. She has had these 3 weeks for weeks. I've tried moving her to separate pen etc and she gets too stressed out so I put her back in the coop inside nesting box. Baby was not out of shell last I checked. Makes me sad :(

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