Confused: feisty 8 day old runt with droopy wings

brit foster

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Nov 22, 2018
northern california
Hi guys!

I have a flock of chicks who are approx 8-day old, all looking great except one...
Here is what I'm seeing:

- runt; noticeably smaller than the other girls
-wings are droopy and look too big for its body
-has had pasty butt 2 times; I have cleaned her off well and i just put some acv in their water
-after cleaning the pasty butt her vent looked irritated and red but not bloody
-poop is a little runny and yellowish
-cries often- she will just stand there making this quick kind of nervous chirping
-has normal energy and is eating, drinking, and scratching around
-is actually on the feistier end behavior wise- will peck at other girls to get to food
-doesnt lay down to sleep- I've actually never seen her lay down at all

the brooder is at around 89 degrees and all the other girls are feathering out, starting to fly and gain weight/get bigger. I would be more worried if several looked sick but it's just this one, and she isn't low energy at all so i'm confused! Am I being paranoid?
Any ideas would be helpful!
I have 18 I hatched out a little over 2 weeks ago. I had one chick that hatched at 24 days it had some dried membrane on its back I had to pull off, it had a heck of a time getting out of the shell. It was weak in the legs it didn’t lay down for a little over a week till its legs got stronger. I had to feed it by hand the first 3 days with wet food and nutridrench in it. It’s still smaller than all the others but doing good now.
I would get some Poultry NutriDrench and give it a few drops. Or if you have SaveAChick or other electrolytes with vitamins, mix some in the water, and start dipping it’s beak often to drink. Offer some egg yolk and try wetting some chick crumbles with water, getting it to eat.

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