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Jun 2, 2015
Isle la motte,VT
I've been reading about prolapse but not sure it that is what is happening, it sounds similar but not excate, maybe it's just the early signs? My hens have been laying for about a month, I noticed this morning when one of the hens pooped she had a small bubble come out, then it went right back to normal. The rest of her rear end looks healthy( no feather loss or redness) what might be happening or is it normal????? Thanks in Advance!!!
As a second thought. If you are rather new to chickens, this is an excellent article to read and save. It helped me a lot! I went and bought a lot of these items before and emergency happened! Some people medicines you may have on hand can be used on chickens as well. Always do a search on BYC before administering something you are unfamiliar with.

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