May 25, 2017
Conklin, NY
I bought two chicks from a local hobby farm. I was told one was a French Black Copper Marans....which appears true. But why does my supposed Barnevelder not have markings I typically see.? BTW, I am new to all of this. First picture was vivid not true color. Thank you all!!


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Both appear to be mixed, I notice the developing combs are quite similar. Neither looks like a black copper marans to me. Both are very good looking though.
Thank you. The breeder assures me the black copper is greenfire farms...and says the other is a double silver laced Barnevelder.
Has the breeder been breeding for a long time. I have seen a lot of pics of Greenfire BCM and this does not look like a black copper maran----for sure with the white spots/feathers on it. The other does not look like a pure SL Barnvelder. BUT???

Example----I bought some hatching eggs from a Auction----the person that was selling them was given good reports. After they hatched---2 to 3 months later---they sure looked mix. I ask the lady about them---she said she has pure rooster and hens---kept talking about them till she hung herself-----she allows all of them to free range together, she said her BCM rooster only breeds the BCM hens and the yellow buff rooster only breeds the yellow buff hens, etc, etc, etc. She has about 20 different breeds free ranging together and sells a lot of hatching eggs---well she did till the Auction owner was told this info and he had several other complaints---she was asked to not bring any eggs anymore.
Could be....I've read the white will go away. No matter, right now they are friendly and cute. Honestly, I only wanted hens. Well see how long these cute guys behave. I like to watch them change every week...I don't doubt you, it could very well be true. Now, I bought three mixed hens last week. Leghorn mixes. Not personable...but cute...and hopefully they lay lots of eggs!! Thank you for the reply!

Honestly, I don't know long she has. Next year maybe I'll go more certain breeds, but now I've got a whole mixed back of 11 and two ducks. I'm having fun learning!
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